Future Fathers, Stress Alters Fathers’ Sperm And Causes Diabetes To Babies

According to a recent study stress and diabetes could be linked to generations. Thus, stress could alter the quality of male sperm.

Stress is bad for all cardiovascular diseases, depression, cancer is suspected to promote the development of many diseases. Now, with our lifestyles, it seems difficult to escape.

Stress may well have very long-term implications and even several generations. Thus, according to a study by researchers at the Medical School of Shanghai, the sperm of a man under a high level of stress could create a fertile ground for his progeny suffers from diabetes. Experience, currently only carried out on animals, was reported in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Methodology: confined to mice
To understand the impact of stress on the quality of male gametes, the researchers trapped male mice in small spaces to increase their state of psychological discomfort. Such exposure has increased in these males the rate of a component called glucocorticoid. Secondly, they have promoted the mating of these animals with females that had evolved in a healthy and quiet environment.

Results: stress stimulates the diabetes gene
When sugar levels in the blood is abnormally high, it is called diabetes. But we know that when it occurs it is normally associated with a gene called Sfmbt2. And this gene is altered when it is still in the sperm of the subject by the peaks of Glucocorticoid generated by stress. This mechanism can therefore, logically, promote the onset of diabetes in children about to be designed.

Conclusion: before procreation, fathers also need to be vigilant
Reproductive, recommendations before pregnancy often target mothers. If they are being advised to stop smoking, reduce their alcohol consumption and ensure you have a balanced diet even before the start of pregnancy, so is now the same for fathers. We had already pointed to the risks of transmission of paternal obesity via the sperm, so that’s another disease, in this case diabetes, could also be affected.

So gentlemen, if you and your partner want to have a baby, know that monitoring your health is a key to put the odds on your side so as your children would thank you later!

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