Kiddle, The New Search Engine For Kids… Go, Kiddle It

Kiddling, this is the new verb that will be used to mean “Googling by children”.

Actually, Google launched a new search engine called “Kiddle“. But, Guess What?

This search engine is dedicated for Kids. We used to assess search engines according to their performance but it seems that this time all is about cuteness: “Kiddle is simply a cute search engine for kids”.

The technology boom had put parents in a difficult situation. It becomes difficult to monitor their children’s Internet usage. That’s why Google comes up with a new solution. From now, if your child ask you about information don’t tell him “Go, Google It”, replace it by “Go, Kiddle It”.

In this new search engine for kids, Google insists on “Safety“:

– Pages are written specifically for children

– Content is written in a simple way so as kids understand it easily

– Adult and/or expert content is filtered by Google

Let’s look for a bad word on Kiddle

  • Sex

Kiddle can detect the bad words and blocks the research query.

Kiddle bad words

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