Medansh Mehta, 8, The Next Microsoft CEO


On his recent visit to India, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, met the Prime Minister of India, some government officials and entrepreneurs.

Among the students he met, he discussed with an 8 year-old Indian gaming developer who surprised him by his genius and effective idea of balancing technology and environmental sustainability.

Medansh Mehta is a student and gaming developer who presented his app in a meeting between students developers of India and Satya Nadella. The gaming app is appointed “Let There Be Light” and aims to balance industrial growth and agriculture so as to control pollution.

Medansh Mehta, seeking to be the next Microsoft CEO, left Nadella so impressed:

“I met an 8-year-old, and this is perhaps the time where I felt the most inadequate…  The 8-year-old’s dream is to create a society that knows how to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability. This is the goal he has and then he translated that vision, that goal, into a novel game that he’s built.” Nadella said.

About the gaming process, Medansh Mehta in his interview with CNBC said:

“You have to build things like factories, farms so that the prosperity of the city increases. At a certain level, the city brightens up and you have to reach a certain level of prosperity that is 1,500 coins in 5 minutes.”

About his interaction with Satya Nadella:

Medansh Mehta asked Nadella how could he achieve his dream of becoming Microsoft CEO and Nadella replied:

“You are already ambitious beyond being the next CEO. The game has the sensibility that all of us need.”

While Nadella presenting Medansh game, the little genius said, “To balance industrial growth and agriculture so that you can control pollution and the rate of growth so that an economy can sustain”.


Taken aback, Nadella replied, “This is a quite complex and good theme which everybody in the world is liking.”

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