Selena Gomez Dedicated A Song To Christina Grimmie

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With her stepfather Brian Teefey the manager of the late Christina Grimmie, Selena Gomez was among the first person who reacted to the shocking death news of Christina.

Killed after her concert in Orlando, Christina Grimmie’s death let the whole world shocked. The Voice family and many other celebrities expressed their disappointments losing a such young talented singer. And of course, her longtime friend Selena Gomez feeling so bad after this loss had also expressed her deep sadness.
Selena Gomez tweeted “My heart is absolutely broken. I miss you Christina

Selena Gomez dedicated a song to her friend Christina Grimmie

At her Revival Tour Concert at American Airlines Arena, Selena Gomez was so overwhelmed with emotion and dedicated a song to her late dearest friend Christina Grimmie, who tragically died the night before after her performance in Orlando, Florida.

Selena told the crowd that “One thing about Christina and her family is that she holds her faith so closely to her,”

“I think it’s not about a religion and it’s not about good deeds. I think she just had faith and I don’t really understand how this really happened, but I would like to dedicate this song to her.”, Selena continued.

Watch Selena‘s tearful rendition of “Transfiguration” below.

Brian Teefey, the manager father of Christina Grimmie

In his side, Brian has started a GoFundMe page to assist the Grimmie family during this time of need.

“Words cannot begin to describe the pain I am feeling. I learned this business through the eyes of a father and Christina was like a second daughter to me. All I wanted to do was assist her in achieving her musical dreams while protecting her from the pitfalls associated with the business. I never could have imagined this horrific event being one of the pitfalls needing to be avoided,” he said in a statement. “As family, Mother, Father, and Brother made the ultimate family sacrifice to support Christina on her musical journey. They did nothing but love her and support her as family the best they knew how, the only worry I want them to have at this point is that of recovery.”

Selena Gomez wasn’t the only singer dedicating songs to Christina Grimmie

At their respective shows Charlie Puth, Fifth Harmony and Rachel Platten also dedicated songs to the late Christina Grimmie.

Before You Exist to Christina Grimmie


Before You Exit, with whome Christina Grimmie sang at her last show, called the singer “such a loving, caring, beautiful person with the biggest heart” in a statement posted to Twitter hours after her death was announced.

“She was an absolutely incredible musician and an even better friend,” it added. “We are so so saddened by her passing and are completely heartbroken.”

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