Jennifer Lawrence’s Story About Butt-Scratching On Sacred Hawaiian Rockes Sparks Backlash (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence Butt Scratching Story

Jennifer Lawrence is facing criticism after sharing a story where she said she “butt-scratched” on sacred Hawaiian rocks and effectively caused a landslide.

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Appearing on The Graham Norton Show last Friday, the Silver Linings Playbook actress told the audience how during filming for the Hunger Games in Hawaii she “butt-scratched” on some sacred rocks.

“They were sacred and you’re not supposed to sit on them because you’re not supposed to expose your genitalia to them. […] but they were so good for butt-itching,” she said.

Video Of Jennifer Lawrence Telling The Butt-Scratching Story


“One rock that I was butt-scratching on ended up coming loose and it was a giant boulder and it rolled down this mountain and almost killed our sound guy. It was this huge, dramatic deal and all these Hawaiians were like ‘Oh my god, it’s the curse’. And I’m in the corner going: ‘I’m your curse’,” Lawrence said struggling to speak at times through her laughter.

The show aired last week but clips circulating in recent weeks have attracted criticism. People have branded the 26-year-old,  “disrespectful” over the comments and demanded Lawrence apologize.
In the comments on the video on the BBC’s Facebook page, someone wrote: “As a native Hawaiian: This is super disrespectful and insulting” while someone else commented: “As a native Brit I have no knowledge whatsoever of Hawaiian culture and I’m still disgusted and saddened by this disgraceful display”.

A representative for Lawrence did not immediately respond to a request for comment.