6 Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

Ways To Make Relationship Work

A strong relationship is the result of two people who really want it to work. They know what makes each other tick and they work toward creating an open, honest, and healthy relationship that benefits them both.

The following tips touch upon some of the most common areas that people in a relationship struggle with and how you can focus on them in productive ways.

1. Gain Some Independence

Remember who you were before you got into a relationship? It can be easy to lose that person the farther you get into your relationship. You suddenly feel as though you have to do everything with your partner. You can lose friends, hobbies, and time to yourself.

However, maintaining independence is one of the most important things you can do to keep your relationship its healthiest. Don’t be afraid to go out with your friends on a weekend, keep bank accounts separate, and keep your focus on your dreams for the future.

2. Talk to Each Other

Too many relationships fail because the partners fail to communicate. They keep their emotions inside for fear of upsetting their other half or sparking a fight. However, bottling up negative feelings causes resentment and anger, and can be more dangerous for a relationship than talking about them.

If you open up to your partner consistently, she will be more willing to do the same to you. Creating an open dialogue where you each feel comfortable sharing your feelings without fear of being attacked will help create a more stable relationship.

3. Make it Exciting

You don’t need to get stuck in the everyday routine in your relationship. Creating excitement will help you and your partner grow together and give you a break from your regular lives.

A great way to add some excitement to a relationship is to get away, even if it’s for a day or two. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before so it can be a new experience for both of you. Try out a ride in a hot air balloon San Diego style and view the world from above. Hike for miles to explore wooded areas near you. Or, head to    a beach for a quick, relaxing, and romantic getaway.

4. Engage in Their Interests

You hate football. He watches it religiously and would attend every game if he could. You love spending hours in bookstores. He never reads. It’s okay. You are individuals and you don’t have to love everything your partner does.

With that being said, it’s a good idea to try to get involved in some of the things your partner loves. After all, you love him and he loves you. Therefore, you love the things that make your partner who he is.

Attend a game with him or watch one on TV. Ask him a few questions so you can better understand what’s going on. Ask him to spend an hour or so in a bookstore with you browsing for books that interest you both. You both may find that you actually enjoy each other’s interests. And, if not, your partner will at least know that you’re trying.

5. Appreciate One Another

Once two people in a relationship get comfortable with each other, they sometimes stop showing appreciation for their partners. This is something that can seriously damage a relationship. Just because you’ve said “Thank you” a thousand times before, doesn’t mean you should stop for fear of being repetitive.

Make it known to your partner that you’re grateful for her. Tell her you’re proud of her for standing her ground at work today, thank her for washing the dishes from last night, or compliment her new outfit. A few simple words each day can make a world of difference in your overall relationship.

6. Focus More On the Present Than the Future

When a relationship is going really well, the couple may feel like it’s a good time to start planning for the future, even if they’re only a few months into a relationship. But, how will a future work if you don’t focus on strengthening your relationship now?

Take time in your relationship to talk about your present. Make sure you know important things about each other, like how each of you handles finances and what your future goals as individuals are. Learn how you each handle conflict and what makes each other happy. These are the important things that are going to solidify your present relationship to build a stronger future together.

by Kristin Kirk – Contributor @PeopleandSociety

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