Jennifer Aniston Shatters A Little Girl’s Dreams In Hilarious ‘Office Christmas Party’ Bloopers

Jennifer Aniston Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party has been cracking up audiences across the country, but some of the wildest moments were left on the cutting room floor. Watch the 2 videos down.

ET debuts a blooper reel from the holiday comedy, showing the outrageous takes that didn’t make the final cut, including Jennifer Aniston’s character shattering a little girl’s illusions about her mother.

“If you want to make it in this world, learn to lie better,” she says in the clip. “Your mother’s never coming back. Merry Christmas!”

Jennifer Aniston Gives Advice For ET’s Christmas Party


In the movie, when a CEO (Aniston) tries to close the branch run by her hard-partying brother (T.J. Miller), he and his Chief Technical Officer (Jason Bateman) rally their co-workers and host an epic office Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client who could save their jobs.

While the purpose of the shindig is to keep the branch afloat, everyone uses the party to serve their own personal goals. Sam Richardson is a guy from legal, itching to show off his skills as a DJ, Vanessa Bayer is an executive assistant looking for love, and Kate McKinnon needs to satiate her obsession with the holidays.

Video: Office Christmas Party is in theaters now

Source: ETOnline