Watch Jennifer Lawrence Tell Off ‘Loser’ Pap Who Tried to Touch Her Dog Pippi

Jennifer Lawrence Pippi Dog

Jennifer Lawrence scooped up her beloved dog Pippi from a “f*cking loser” TMZ paparazzo when he tried to get close to the canine. TMZ documented the experience, and not only was the pap not offended, he loved it and said he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. You can’t shake these guys!

Watch The Videos of Jennifer Lawrence and her Dog Pippi down


You also can’t blame Jennifer Lawrence for being irritated — look at the crap she has to deal with just getting off a plane at LAX. TMZ tried to ask her about her scary private plane incident, and JLaw didn’t answer. She just wanted to leave the airport, fighting through the crowd of paparazzi. But when the TMZ guy noticed her adorable dog, and put his hand down to talk to the dog, Lawrence stopped, turned around, picked up Pippi, and said, “Don’t touch my dog you f*cking loser.”

The TMZ crew laughed, they loved the story. But seriously. Back off.

Here’s Lawrence on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” explaining that her beloved dog’s name is Pippi Lawrence-Stocking, not Pippi Longstocking. “Pippi was so upset,” Jen joked. “I got a call from her publicist.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Dog Loser