Delta Complains About Unfair Practices of The Middle East Airlines & Mocked Over ‘Bitter’ Video Targeting Jennifer Aniston


American carrier releases bizarre video about Middle Eastern competitors. A 15-minute Delta Air Lines video created to ‘educate’ its employees about the supposed unfair practices of the Middle East’s three biggest airlines – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways – has been mercilessly mocked online.


The airline claims that government subsidies are propping up the carriers and creating unfair competition.

“The Gulf carriers have destroyed competition in countries worldwide, and now they are targeting the United States with lavish sponsorships and slick advertising,” narrates the video.

The video shows an Emirates advert which featured actress Jennifer Aniston searching for a shower on an American plane. When she asks the flight attendants, they laugh at her.

One Delta employee called the advert “hurtful” and said: “I’ve always liked Jennifer Aniston. But when I saw that ad, [it was] very hurtful to see that.

“For her to be sending that message inside the United States, it hits me right here as a Delta employee.”

Social media users took to YouTube and said the video was “like a child crying for losing a game.”

One said: “DELTA you’re a J O K E, How about you stop dragging passengers off of your planes and then maybe they will fly with you!”

YouTuber Thimelicious Ole added: “Boo hoo.. When you are trying to compete, just make your product better. Don’t try to talk sh*t about your competitors.”

Another user, Hamedkie Z, said: “From a consumer point of view and living in Dubai, I tried to take Delta a couple of times to the US, however, the service level and rudeness of the crew is the main reason I switched to Emirates! I challenge all the Delta employees on this video, including the CEO, to take an economy overseas flight on Delta and then take one on Emirates! Guess what, they will probably never fly on Delta overseas again.”

One YouTuber even thanked Delta for informing them of the Middle Eastern airlines’ luxurious features and commented: “Wow I never know that Emirates and Etihad Airways are so big and very luxurious airlines and they have very nice and huge airports. Thank you it was nice video to know other competitors better.”