Tyga Just Said That Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Is ‘Fake News’ And Sorry, What?

We don’t know what to think anymore

The Kylie Jenner pregnancy plot thickens.

Let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve learnt this week. After Kris Jenner was asked about her daughters’ rumoured pregnancies on Ellen, we thought we’d finally cracked the case and been given the biggest hint yet that her youngest daughter is pregnant.

Then, just when we thought we’d pieced together all the clues, fans spotted evidence that could prove Kylie Jenner isn’t pregnant after all. Which, you know, left us pretty stumped.

But it doesn’t stop there, guys. There’s more.

Kylie with current boyfriend and (possibly baby daddy) Travis Scott

Now, Kylie’s ex has come forward to throw his perspective into the mix and complicate things even further.

At the moment, the only Kardashian-Jenner we know for sure is expecting is Kim, whose surrogate is currently carrying her third child with husband Kanye West.

So, what is Tyga’s take on the whole thing?

Back when rumours of Kylie’s ‘pregnancy’ first came out, her rapper ex-boyfriend told everyone on Snapchat that the child was his.

In a Snapchat post he quickly deleted, he captioned a screenshot of Kylie’s ‘baby news’ with: ‘Hell nah, that’s my kid,’ suggesting Kylie is pregnant and he’s the daddy.

(Whether he was joking or not, we’ve no idea.)

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Kylie with then-boyfriend Tyga

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But either way, he’s now denied the whole Snapchat scenario. ‘I didn’t comment on anything, it was a fake story,’ he told Metro. ‘It’s all a fake story.’

Like we said, the plot thickens.

Anyone else need a lie down?

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