Millionaire Hires Strippers For Son’s 12th Birthday Party

Millionaire hires strippers for son’s 12th birthday party

Disturbing footage has emerged of a boy dancing with strippers hired by his father for his 12th birthday.

The clip was posted on YouTube, where the description claimed it was his birthday party and the boy’s father, a millionaire, had arranged the surprise.

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Millionaire hires strippers for son’s 12th birthday party


In the video, the boy is topless and is at one point surrounded by two scantily clad women.

One of the strippers can be seen placing his hands on the other’s breasts.

In another part of the clip, a woman dressed only in black lingerie encourages the boy to dance with her, while a man believed to be his father looks on.

It is not known where the party took place.

According to Estrella TV, a Spanish-speaking TV channel in the US, the father hoped to turn his son into a man.

But instead the boy appears to be uncomfortable in the video.

It was condemned by commenters, with some pointing out how different the situation would be if it was a 12-year-old girl with male strippers.


Source: Metro