Aged 26 – 30? You’re eligible for the new millennial railcard

This is not a drill. We repeat. This is not a drill.

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Getting older is never good news – hangovers get worse, going to the gym becomes necessary and saving money becomes a reality.

One of the worst things about passing the 25 mark however is losing your rail privileges, with our young persons railcards (for 16 to 25-year-olds) expiring.

Yes, that means paying full price for national train fares.

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It was announced last year that there might be hope, with Greater Anglia Railways breaking the news that it would be trialling a new Millennial rail card, offering up to a 30% discount on train travel for 26 – 30-year-olds.

We were hesitant with our celebrations as it seemed too good to be true, but sure enough, the news has been officially confirmed, with the nationwide scheme starting today.

What is the millennial railcard?

The millennial railcard is a digital annual pass for 26 – 30-year-olds, costing £30 a year and entitling the holder to up to a third off their train fares. It’s essentially a continuation of the young persons rail cards – but it’s a first for the UK.

‘The trial of the 26-30 Railcard is part of the rail industry’s long-term plan to change, improve and boost communities by enabling more people to travel by train,’ announced a spokesperson for the Rail Delivery Group in a statement. ‘Research being gathered as part of the 26-30 Railcard trial expansion is being used to inform discussions with the government about a national roll out.’

How can I get a millennial railcard?

The millennial railcard scheme is still in its trial stages, with the first phase of railcards available to buy today online from the National Railcard site. It’s important to note however that in the current stage, there are only 10,000 rail cards available – with more to be released as part of a national roll out if the trial is successful.


Given the fact that the site has already crashed due to an unprecedented demand, it’s pretty clear that a national roll out of the millennial railcards is a popular choice.

‘This morning, when the 26-30 railcard trial began, the National Railcard website was receiving 12 times the normal number of visitors. We were prepared for demand to be similar to that of previous trial launches,’ stated a spokeswoman for the Rail Delivery Group.

‘Due to the unprecedented demand we have been working with our suppliers throughout the morning to further increase the capacity on the website to create a better experience for our customers. We recommend that customers continue trying the National Railcard website, and keep an eye on @_Railcards Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.’

We’re off to form an orderly queue for our railcards but it honestly looks like even Glastonbury tickets are easier to get our hands on.

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