Ex-JLS member Oritsé Williams has been charged with a rape conviction

He is due to appear in court on October 11

oritse williams
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Following an allegation that former JLS member Oritsé Williams had sexually assaulted a fan back in 2016, the singer has been charged with a rape conviction. According to the BBC, he will appear before the court on October 11.

Williams was accused of raping a 20 year old fan while promoting his album at Gorgeous, a Wolverhampton club, in December 2016. The BBC also claimed that another man named Jamien Nagadhana has also been charged with ‘a serious sexual assault charge’.

oritse williams

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Oritsé William’s former JLS band member Aston Merrygold spoke out earlier today about his conviction on social media. He posted an image to Instagram of their initial X Factor audition which catapulted the boyband into fame and while he didn’t reference the situation explicitly, the caption seems to imply he supports Williams.

He wrote, ‘These 3 guys… The nicest, most humble, caring, selfless, hardworking (I could go on..) people I’m lucky enough to call family! No matter what we are brothers like it or not! And we stand in each other corner 🙌🏽

CNN reports that the assault allegedly took place ‘after a performance’ and at the time, a spokesperson for Oritsé denied the claims against him.

They said, ‘All we wish to say at this time is that Oritsé denies the allegations against him. The matter is in the hands of the police and it would be totally wrong for us to comment any further.’

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