These are the most Instagrammable places to go during London Fashion Week

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London fashion week has officially started which means all manner of things – bad traffic, excellent celebrity spotting and a lot of well-dressed people frequenting the city.

One of the most exciting parts of London fashion week however is the Instagram opportunities, which are endless BTW.

Sure, you might not have invites to the hottest shows in town, but even if you’re not actually attending LFW, you can still get in on the buzz, right?

From cool monochrome cafes and fashion week backdrops, to beautifully tiled floors and pop up presentations, there are plenty of Instagrammable ‘fasshuuun’ opportunities to go around.

So from getting an on-trend coffee to a LFW beauty treatment, here are the most Instagrammable places in London to hang out during fashion week.

Duck and Dry

What’s happening? For blow dries in the capital, there are few places more Instagrammable than Duck and Dry. Marble counters, duck egg blue furnishings, bare-bricked walls and the perfect egg-shaped mirrors to take blow dry selfies and Boomerang videos in.

What to order: A blow dry and a glass of Prosecco, or if you manage to get an invite to a party or show, get yourself a professional updo.

Glow Bar

What’s happening? While this isn’t a London Fashion Week exclusive, plenty of influencers will be hanging out in the new Instagrammable health and beauty shop over the weekend to browse the self-care drinks and take advantage of the Wifi and photographic decor (we’re talking pastel pink furnishings and rich green plants).

What to order: A moon milk – yes, it’s a thing and it’s packed with superfoods. Take your pick from chill, glow, yoni, golden or siren, and be sure to snap it against the marble table.

The Shop at The Bluebird

What’s happening? Covent Garden’s The Shop at The Bluebird has got a pop-up London Fashion Week area. We’re talking vitamin IV drips, rails of Rixo dresses and Bella Freud jumpers to browse, complimentary Kombucha and pop-up agile work stations with every phone charger imaginable. Did we mention the extra strong WiFi?

What to order: A vitamin IV drip and a complimentary bottle of Kombucha.

NAC Mayfair

What’s happening? NAC is the place to go to for an Instagrammable brunch – and the food lives up to the hype. Expect the fashion crowd to head to NAC this fashion week season – and it’s not just because of the French bistro’s Mayfair location, situated near a lot of the shows. Decor-wise, we’re talking whitewashed bricks, pink backdrops and dark green plush sofas, and to eat, every brunch dish imaginable from churros and french toast to banana pancakes, acai bowls and all kinds of avocado concoctions.

What to order: The banana pancakes of course – they’re the most popular to Instagram and will give you a sugar hit before your day of fashion week oggling.

Saint Aymes

What’s happening? What’s not happening at Saint Aymes? Almost every fashion blogger you’ve ever heard of has had the obligatory Instagram snap on the black and white tiled floor in front of the wisteria-framed cafe. Flower walls, stunning tiles for downwards shoe shots and of course the pastel crockery to laden with whatever Instagrammable food you decide upon.

What to order: A signature unicorn latte – yes there is such a thing as a unicorn latte, and yes, as its name would suggest – it’s Instagrammable AF. Also on the must-try list are the pastel heart-shaped biscuit and the blueberry pancakes.

Farm Girl

What’s happening? Given the central locations of all three Farm Girls, they tend to be an obligatory stop for fashion bloggers and YouTubers – especially given the excellent lighting and photographic coffees. Whether they’re covered in lavender seeds or decorated with pug faces, their lattes might just be the most Instagrammable in history.

What to order: After bracing the cold weather for street style photo opps, we’d recommend a warming chai latte, but the liquid gold latte featuring a pug’s face and the rose petal latte are the most Instagrammable by far.


What’s happening? DryBy has just had a revamp, turning it into an Instagrammable glam preparation hub. We’re talking agile working stations, allowing you to work on your laptop during a blow dry. Then head on downstairs for a gel manicure, with specialist technicians offering customised metallic designs and lettering.

What to order: A signature blow dry and a manicure of course.

Sketch London

What’s happening? Sketch has always been one of London’s most Instagrammable eateries, with each room offering different photographic opportunities. Fashion week is no exception, with influencers flocking to Sketch for the ‘gram. The Gallery offers the most photogenic afternoon teas, from its pink plush decor to the zigzag floors and monochrome drawings on the walls and the Glade is best if you feature a lot of greens on your feed. Maybe a trip to both is necessary? Just saying.

What to order: Afternoon tea at the Gallery, and an obligatory visit to the Sketch bathrooms for a photo in front of the iconic pod toilets. Trust us.


What’s happening? For a post-fashion week cocktail, there are few places more on-trend. The Art Deco inspired decor (that lavender leather sofa), a soundtrack of 70s/ 80s rock mixed with funk and disco, and of course the most Instagrammable cocktail menu around – from the Nemo Old Fashioned and HMS Hi-ball, to the Nitrate Manhattan and Concrete Sazerac.

What to order: For Instagram purposes, the King Pig Sour or the Monkey Puzzle – solely for glass choice, cocktail colour and garnishing.

See you there! And happy Instagramming over fashion week!

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