Do you love writing, blogging and inspiring? Would you like to spread your work around the world?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. People & Society (P&S) is your words’ innovation space. Be creative! Be funny! Imagine a new world! Publish society and VIP news! and Send us your outstanding illustrations, stories and ideas and take part of our beloved community.

What are you waiting for?

Oh! Would you like to know what is P&S looking for? Okay!

First, it should be your personal essays.

  • If you’re celebrities and VIPs followers, please feel free to expand their news through our site.
  • If you like society and cultural criticism, please express your opinions in gorgeous articles.
  • If you’re talented in writing, P&S suggests you many categories of topics (news, culture, work, style, relationships, art…) and, of course, you can write in other inspirational topics.
  • If you have a passion, write about it and inspire the others to¬†do the same.
  • Yes, of course there’s place to professional issues. You’re a professional, manager, entrepreneur, leader… write about your experience and let the others take advantages from your advice.
  • Artists are very welcome. You’re a photographer, illustrator, musician, poet… your pieces of art will make us the happiest community in the world.

What do we like the most?

Original illustrations creative ideas, original points of view, exclusive news, precious tips, meaningful experiences, lovely stories, positive thinking… AND attractive, weird and crazy titles ūüėČ

Who do we like the most?

You! We like YOU!

We only need you to be honest (funny is a plus), creative and open-minded, with a strong writing and interesting sense of criticism.

Check this Out !!!

You can write in five languages. Yeah in English, but also in Arabic, French, German and Spanish.

Special offer to Women and Teenagers !!!

WOMEN! Take the lead and let your voice impact the world.

TEENAGERS! Your diaries are full of lessons to adult. Don’t be shy and share with us your daily life highlights.

Connect great minds… Become a Contributor:

  • Email us your articles at¬†¬†with a brief description of who you are and your kinds of writing.
  • In the subject line, please specify the title of your article, i.e. “What I dream¬†about Friendship”
  • If you already have a draft of a story or article, feel free to send it. We will get back to you with our recommendations to make it a good fit for P&S.