Kody Brown is reeling at the moment, folks.

Should you feel sorry for someone who drove off three of his spouses because he’s sexist and selfish and generally considered a terrible father?

We’ll leave that for readers to decide.

But Kody and Robyn Brown — the father of 17’s only remaining wife, who is also his legal wife — sat down this week with People Magazine and discussed the state of their union.

Kody Brown in a suit
Kody Brown is looking quite dapper here, huh? (TLC)

“Kody has been going through a lot and he’s dealt with a lot of frustration and anger and hurt and betrayal, and I’m going through my own emotions about all of it as well,” Robyn told this outlet.

“And it’s been hard on our relationship.

“It’s been really hard on our relationship because I think when you’re going through a divorce, you start questioning yourself.”

Kody previously admitted that he recently thought of leaving Robyn because he just felt like a “piece of sh-t” in the wake of Meri, Janelle and Christine all having walked away from him.

Kody Brown and Robyn split screen
Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are featured in this split-screen image. (TLC)

Indeed, Robyn says here that Kody is in a “dark place,” a point he drives home by stating for the record just where his mind is at right now.

“Moving forward is still one of those things where you go through a divorce, you almost feel like God doesn’t exist, and you’re so angry, so bitter,” Kody said to People.

“You need to let some sunshine back in.

“That’s the thing. I think we’re just in a transitionary point where I am letting sunshine back in.”

Kody Brown on a special
Kody Brown is all dressed up for this Season 18 one-on-one special. (TLC)

On this past Sunday’s Sister Wives: One on One special, Robyn told host Sukanya Krishnan precisely how Kody “tries to” sabotage their romance and how she has to “stop him all the time.”

“He picks fights with me [over] dumb things,” Robyn said through tears.

“We’re in different places. We’re in different places about the bomb that went off on our family. And like, I’m in a major place of mourning and he’s angry.

“He just wants to just go find whatever, you know? And I’m like, ‘No, I can’t feel like that.’”

Robyn Brown looks serious
Robyn Brown wears a very serious face in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Christine finally got up the courage to dump Kody in November 2021.

Janelle did the same about a year later.

Then, in January, Kody and Meri announced they had terminated their marriage.

When it comes to entertaining the possibility of ditching Robyn, Kody confessed to People:

“A lot of dark winds were going through me. A lot of devil, a lot of temptation, which would be destructive of my relationship with Robyn.

“So I dealt with a lot of anger and she would get frustrated. My anger was a turn-off. It was scary.”

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