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Maddie Brown revealed on social media this week that her one-year old daughter, Evie, has just started to walk.

Why is this such a big and important story?

Because, as fans of this popular TLC series know quite well, the toddler was born in 2019 with FATCO syndrome.

“It’s a rare medical syndrome where bones in extremities do not fully develop,” Maddie explained to followers at the time, adding that her daughter was born without all 10 fingers and without all 10 toes.


The daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown has kept supporters apprised of Evie’s condition and status ever since this reveal.

In August, for example, Maddie said her young child was undergoing an amputation in order to help with her long-term health and later added Evie was being fitted for a prosthetic leg.

“Evie received some major gifts for her 1st birthday,” she wrote.

“Her surgeon laid the groundwork for her new foot and mobility it will bring, by way of a Boyd amputation.

“Another [operation] gave her some extra mobility in her hand, by clipping her webbing she had in her right hand.”


Maddie later assured folks that Evie was “home and recovering beautifully.”

This isn’t entirely true, we can now report, however.

She is home. Recovering beautifully. And learning how to walk!

Maddie took to Instagram on Monday to share an adorable Boomerang of her one-year-old daughter wobbling from side to side as she tried out her new prosthetic.

Maddie Brown 1

“Testing it out,” Maddie wrote as a simple, albeit very telling, caption.

Prior to sharing the precious footage, Maddie told fans that “they were cuddling in bed because [Evie] had an emotional moment.”

“So I was trying to put her to sleep and now we’re just cuddling,” added the mother of two.

“The prosthetic was too big and it needs to be a little bit smaller so we have another fitting on Friday and then hopefully, next Friday we’ll have a prosthetic.”

We can’t even begin to describe how much we admire both Evie and Maddie for how they’ve handled this medical crisis.

In early October, the reality TV star shared a Boomerang GIF on Instagram of herself holding Evie as the prosthetist worked on getting her fit for the artificial limb.

“Big day for Miss Evie! First molding for her prosthetic!” said Maddie back then.

Incredibly, every time we see a photo of this little girl… she’s smiling.

Once Evie does get outfitted with a prosthetic, she will get a new one every six months as she grows.

Indeed, this willl be a long journey for everyone involved.

But if there’s one thing that’s been made clear over the past several months, it is this:

They’re ready for whatever life throws at them next.

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