Perhaps no reality series on TV has a more unusual cast dynamic than the shows that make up the Teen Mom franchise.

For many, if not most, of the women who star on the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, this is the only job they’ve ever had.

(For the moment, we’re not counting side hustles, such as memoirs and podcasts, as those are mostly made possible by the show.)

In spite of – or perhaps because of – this fact, the Moms often put their employers to the test.

In ways that most young people with cushy, six-figure gigs wouldn’t dream of.

As a result, some of the show’s biggest ratings magnets have been cut loose with little warning.

Wondering who might end up on the unemployment line (or scraping by on sponsored content deals) next?

Well, check out the new Teen Mom 2 trailer and then wonder no longer:

1. The Lucky Ones

Teen mom og cast photograph
The ladies of the Teen Mom franchise have a job many young people would kill for. And yet, they seem to have a hard time remaining employed.

2. Working Hard … To Get Fired

Teen mom 2 cast
Producers have actually been amazingly permissive over the years, but even so, they’ve been forced to fire two of the most high-profile stars and cut ties with two other, lesser-known cast members.

3. Farewell, Farrah

Farrah abraham gestures excitedly
Farrah Abraham was the first to be let go from the cast way back in 2017. There’s still some debate as to the true cause of her dismissal.

4. Soda Jerk

Farrah abraham camsoda
Some say Farrah was fired because of her affiliation online adult streaming services like Cam Soda.

5. Farrah Live!

Farrah abraham in camsoda merch
MTV was reportedly not thrilled with one of its most high-profile stars participating in live sex shows.

6. So Many Good Reasons

Farrah abraham cries on teen mom og
Of course, a common theory — and one that Farrah supports — is that the show’s producers were simply tired of dealing with Farrah’s diva-like behavior. One part of the theory she doesn’t go along with, however, is that they absolutely right to feel this way.

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