The year 2020 started off with the death of Kobe Bryant and will end with the deaths of over 250,000 people from the coronavirus.

In between, the world’s most famous game show host (Alex Trebek) passed away, as did the very best James Bond of all-time (Sean Connery).

2020 can eat it, basically.

spencer turkey

This awful year did bring back The Hills, however, which means MTV viewers were introduced once again to Spencer Pratt, the D-lister after whom we’ve named our annual Turkey rundown since 2012.


Not because Pratt is an especially awful person.

He’s just pretty lame and pathetic and easy to mock and possesses many qualities that we associate with a turkey.

With that in mind, The Hollywood Gossip is now proud to once again ring in Thanksgiving — and prepare to say goodbye to 2020 — by counting down the 10 biggest turkeys of the year.

We all know who has to be #1, right?

2020 sucks

10. June Shannon: This is someone known for the following things…

  • Raising a child to compete in kids’ beauty pageants.
  • Gaining a ton of weight.
  • Falling prey to a hardcore drug problem, getting arrested for it, sticking with an abusive boyfriend and choosing him over her children.
  • Gettiing plastic surgery.

Why, it must be asked, do we keep giving her a television platform?

9. Jon and Kate Gosselin: We’ll stick to the world of reality TV here.

These two got divorced all the way back in 2009… and yet this continue to make news by trashing each other in public.

Yes, Jon got accused of assaulting his own son in September, which is a huge deal and which was worthy of all the coverage it received.

But can these ex-spouses just shut the heck up at some point and consider what’s best for their many kids?


8. Kelly Dodd: She refused to wear a mask. She didn’t take Covid-19 seriously. She slammed the Black Lives Matter movement.

This Real Housewife was already rich and spoiled, but, in 2020, she became rich, spoiled and perhaps more obnoxious than any celebrity in Hollywood.

7. Lori Loughlin: She pleaded guilty to her role in a college admissions scandal that centered on this actress using her extreme wealth to manipulate the system; to lie; to cheat; and to get her kids into the University of Southern California despite a lack of legitimate qualifications.

Do we want her to get Covid? No. But we’re glad she’s scared of it in prison.

6. Joe Exotic: We can’t believe an entire nation was at one time captivated by someone convicted of attempted murder, just because he looked kind of funny and interacted a lot with tigers.

Just another reason to hate this pandemic.

5. Rudy Giuliani: We mean, just… HOLY TOTAL AND COMPLETE INSANITY.

4. Ellen DeGeneres: The Queen of Nice was exposed as The Queen of Mean in 2020.

Numerous former employees have accused this talk show host of anchoring a program that didn’t merely feature producers belittling the staff members… but committing actual acts of racism and sexism.

We’re ashamed to say ever danced along with Ellen.

Many things this year took us by surprise, but the figurative cancelation of DeGeneres ranks high on that list.

3. The Royal Family: Your antiquated, inflexible and controlling ways drove Meghan Markle and Prince Harry out of the country.

Also, The Crown Season 3 sort of sucked.

2. Kanye West: The rapper tried to help Donald Trump win re-election. He spilled a million family secrets in public, including his long-ago wish to abort North West… and when was the last time he released a solid album?

The artist suffers from a mental health disorder and we hope he gets the assistance he needs.

Until then, however, we also hope he stops pretending he cares about anyone other than himself.

1. Donald Trump: An obvious selection, we know. But also a well-earned distinction!

The 45th President’s final act in office has been to subvert democracy, encourage violence and mislead millions of Americans one ridiculous Tweet at a time.

He’s a literal sociopath and it will take the country decades to recover from this man’s dangerous incompetence, malfeasance and general dickishness.

Good. F-ckin. Riddance.

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