As previously reported in exciting detail, Mykelti Brown is pregnant with her first child.

Shortly after this announcement was made, anxious Sister Wives fans starting to ask the following question about Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter:

What is she having?

Will it be a boy? Or might it actually be a boy instead?!?

Following about five weeks of keeping these supporters in suspense, Mykelti and her husband, Tony, have finally revealed the news.

Are you ready to find out? Are you sure? Are you positive?

If you’d prefer to be surprised when the baby arrives several months from now, stop reading right now. We won’t hold it against you, okay?

Mykelti Brown is having a daughter!

“The whole pregnancy she’s felt like a girl,” the 24-year old told People Magazine, confirming the bombshell by wearing a pink tye dye shirt alongside Tony, who was decked out the same way.

“That’s what I really wanted for my first so I’m extremely stoked she’s a girl.

“Already buying clothes.”

Et tu, Tony?

“When I found out it was a girl, I felt, ‘Wow, yup my wife was right, she just knew,’ ” he added. “I was happy it’s a girl, but I did want a boy first. I’m ready to be overprotective.”

That’s a little sexist, of course.

Perhaps you should be excited to raise a self-assured and very confident young woman who can look out for herself, man.

But we digress.

The couple — who previously made headlines for stating that the Sister Wives kids aren’t that close — initially shared their gigantic pregnancy news last month.

“Tony and I have both been looking forward to having a baby since we were first married four years ago,” she gushed to People in mid-September, adding at the time:

“When we found out, we were ecstatic. It was so wonderful when we could tell our family and we were so happy they were all excited with us.”

The little girl is due in March of 2021.

She’ll represent the third grandchild overall for Kody, too.

Daughter Maddie Brown Brush is already a mother to daughter one-year Evangalynn Kodi; and three-year old son Axel James, whom she shares with husband Caleb Brush.

While celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary last December, Mykelti could not say enough kind things about her husband… or about everything the couple had coming up down the line.

“I have experienced the most amazing parts of this life with you @tonychessnut and I look forward to spending the rest of it with you too,” she wrote in a lovely social media message.

“You’ve been my best friend and I’m excited for the rest of our little forever.

“Happy 3 year anniversary my wonderful man I LOVE YOU.”

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