Stars of the MTV reality TV mainstays Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are obviously selected for a number of qualities.

They need to perform well on camera. They need to meet the bare minimum of what people will tolerate out of stars.

They need to honor their contracts. And, if it wasn’t obvious, they need to have given birth to a child as a teenager.

However, despite it not actually being a requirement, quite a few Teen Mom stars are known to show some skin.

There are some hot young moms on TV, folks.

Just because they’re in their 20s doesn’t mean that they aren’t MILFs. In fact, they might be the very definition of the term.

Certain stars are more likely to show skin than others, be it in sexy selfies or beach trips, but they all get in on the fun.

Take a look at some of the hottest photos below and relive the most naked moments of various Teen Mom stars.

Who looks the best out of clothes?

Keep scrolling to find out:

1. Kailyn Lowry: Topless In Jeans

Kailyn lowry topless in jeans
Kailyn Lowry posed for a topless photo just over two months after giving birth. And fans were stunned by the results of her fitness routine.

2. Kail In the Mirror

Kailyn lowry topless after giving birth
This one was taken about six weeks after Kailyn welcomed her fourth child. But you’d never know it from her physique.

3. Kailyn Lowry Postpartum

Kailyn lowry postpartum
Kailyn Lowry shared this photo on her Instagram page about three weeks after becoming a mother for the fourth time.

4. Kailyn Lowry Maternity Photo

Kailyn lowry nude maternity photo
Kail even got her naked DURING her pregnancy! The girl loves her body, and we love her for that!

5. Side of Kail

Side of kail
Yes, Kail was likes to toss back some Smirnoffs and show off some skin with her BFF Leah Messer. Leah captioned this pic, “My chick bad, badder than yours.”

6. Kail Does Costa Rica

Kail does costa rica
Yes, Kail certainly wasn’t shy about showing off her swimwear while on vacay. Not only does she look great, she’s sticking it to body-shaming haters like David Eason! Bonus!

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