He went there! Toward the end of a 25-minute interview with Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel managed to sneak in a question about the former president’s sex life with Michelle Obama.

Celebrity Sex Confessions

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After discussing everything from Barack’s new memoir, A Promised Land, to the COVID-19 pandemic to the 2020 presidential election, the late-night host, 53, turned the conversation to a more serious topic, the Obama administration’s 2011 killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, with a lighthearted twist.

Barack Obama Hilariously Sidesteps Jimmy Kimmel About Sex With Michelle Obama
Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama ABC

“So, a personal question: I asked this question of your wife — I interviewed her in Tacoma last year — and she told me that, she said, ‘The next time I see you, I will tell you the answer and I will tell you a story.’ But I haven’t seen her,” Kimmel said on the Thursday, November 19, episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “So, on the night you did kill bin Laden, did you and Michelle make love?”

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Relationship Timeline

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After some hesitation, Barack, 59, asked the comedian whether Michelle, 56, really promised to tell him the answer to the question, which Kimmel confirmed.

“When I read the book and you were talking about hearing people outside the White House chanting, ‘USA! USA! USA!’ I had an image in my head,” the TV personality confessed.

Barack Obama Hilariously Sidesteps Jimmy Kimmel About Sex With Michelle Obama
Barack Obama appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ ABC

The politician no longer hesitated to continue the chat — although he did not give Kimmel a direct answer.

“I suspect that she was asleep,” he said. “‘Cause the truth of the matter is, most of the time by the time I was done working, she’d be snoozing. So, Michelle goes to bed about 9 o’clock.”

Pets in the White House Through the Years

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The Emmy winner went on to tease Barack for making “excuses” and sidestepping his query, which the former commander in chief denied. “It’s not an excuse, it’s a lament,” he said with a laugh.

Barack Obama Hilariously Sidesteps Jimmy Kimmel About Sex With Michelle Obama
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama speak during a Halloween event in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., on October 31, 2016. Shutterstock

The Obamas met in 1989 while working at a Chicago law firm. They got engaged two years later and married in 1992. The couple welcomed daughters Malia and Sasha in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Barack told Kimmel on Thursday that Sasha, 19, is “a mini Michelle,” while Malia, 22, has his temperament.

“We’re like the vegetarians, the gatherers, and they’re the hunters,” he quipped. “We try to keep the peace with them.”

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