At this point, Jenelle Evans is almost certainly the worst parent in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

Hell, she might be the worst mom in the history of reality TV (unless you count true crime documentaries).

But it’s certainly not for lack of competition that Jenelle earned that dubious distinction!

Other cast members have made some truly appalling parenting decisions over the years, most notably Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham poses for photographers at the boohoo x All That Glitters Launch Party.
Farrah Abraham attends boohoo x All That Glitters Launch Party on November 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty)

Despite — or perhaps because of — their many similarities, Farrah and Jenelle just can’t seem to get along.

In fact, they’ve openly hated each other for over a decade now!

These two haven’t shared a network in quite some time, of course, but their mutual animosity still burns white-hot.

Jenelle and Farrah were fired from their respective Teen Mom shows for their abhorrent behavior — which is no easy feat, as abhorrent behavior is the fuel that powers the franchise.

Jenelle Evans and 2 kids
Jenelle Evans poses here with two of her kids on Thanksgiving. (Instagram)

Years later, the former stars are still making tabloid headlines for their bad decisions — and they’re still throwing shade at one another in public forums.

As we’ve previously reported, Farrah took a shot at Jenelle last week, which is a pretty easy thing to do, as Evans’ life is quite a mess at present.

Jenelle lost custody of her eldest son back in September, and her husband, David Eason, is due in court next month to answer for charges that he assaulted the boy.

Jenelle Evans with husband David
Jenelle Evans smiles alongside David Eason for this social media snapshot. (Instagram)

So Farrah saw an opportunity to attack, and she went for it, blasting both the Easons as unfit parents.

This prompted Evans to publicly demand that CPS perform a “wellfare [sic] check” on Farrah’s teenage daughter.

At the time, we predicted that Farrah would eventually clap back, and over the weekend, she did exactly that.

Farrah Abraham on red carpet
Farrah Abraham attends Women in Film’s Annual Award Ceremony at The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on October 06, 2021 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

In a new interview with TMZ, Farrah accused Jenelle of inviting “abusive men into her life.”

Abraham went on to say that fans and “haters” alike should refrain from getting it twisted — unlike Jenelle, Farrah has no custody or CPS issues … at least not right now.

“There are Teen Moms that have CPS issues, like Jenelle presently,” Farrah explained.

“I think we just need to leave some of the CPS messy stuff out of my family and my dating dynamic,” she continued.

Farrah Abraham poses for photographers at the Nazarian Institute's ThinkBIG 2020 Conference.
Farrah Abraham attends the Nazarian Institute’s ThinkBIG 2020 Conference featuring keynote speaker Kris Jenner at 1 Hotel West Hollywood on January 11, 2020 in West Hollywood, California. (Getty)

“That definitely upsets me, and I work very hard to be the best single parent that I could ever be, and I can’t say the same for others and their dating life and the men that they choose to date, who seem to be abusive.”

Yeah, Farrah didn’t call David out by name, but she also left little doubt about the intended target of her shade!

Ms. Abraham has a new boyfriend these days, and she hasn’t yet revealed his identity — but you can be sure that Jenelle has entered Sherlock Holmes mode in hopes of digging up some dirt about this dude!

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