Even if Amber Portwood has vowed to leave social media, that doesn’t stop fans from learning about her.

And now those fans are deeply worried … because, just 13 months after her last arrest, she is once again in trouble.

The Blast got a hold of court documents.

According to those papers, Amber was cited for “unlawful driving of a vehicle through or within a safety zone.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police issued the citation ticket on August 4.

The good news, if you consider Amber once again having an easy out for her legal troubles to be good news, is that this is minor.

She will be required to pay a fine of $171. There are people who cannot cough up that amount and still make rent, but they are not Teen Mom stars.

After that fine is taken care of, the case will be closed.

Of course, Amber has had other issues.

She was recently contacted over an unpaid bill totalling $620.

That’s not a huge amount to owe by any means, but … it’s kind of weird that she allegedly hasn’t paid it, right?

Apparently, The Geist Harbours Property Owners Association filed suit against Amber earlier this month, on August 5.

Their filing says that Amber owns a home in Indianapolis and owes fees related to that property.

She has allegedly “failed to timely pay the mandatory assessments, late fees, and other charges” required of them.

They are seeking the $620 plus attorney fees.

Amber has yet to file an official resposne in court.

Notably, the fees are related to the home that she once shared with Andrew Glennon.

There is a lot to be said about how toxic and exploitative homeowners associations can be.

But Amber isn’t an 83-year-old widow living on a fixed income.

We do not know why she has allegedly not paid these dues. Did she simply stop paying them when she stopped living there? We don’t know.

Amber is on probation after entering a plea of guilty to Count 1 Domestic Battery, a Level 6 Felony.

This stemmed from the incident in July of 2019, during which she attacked Andrew with a shoe, striking him while he held their son, James.

This was the same incident in which she allegedly hacked at a door with a machate while Andrew and their son hid behind it. A horrifying ordeal.

Amber’s sentence, upon entering her plea, did not include prison time.

She has instead been given 2.5 years of Probation — a total of 906 days.

Had she not entered the plea deal and instead been found guilty, she could have faced a year behind bars.

When you are on probation, you are expected to avoid getting into trouble of any kind.

In some cases, even non-criminal actions can be considered violations of one’s probation and result in incarceration.

While we expect that Amber will pay the $171 fine and move on, we hope that this is not part of a pattern and was a simple mistake.

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