Even weeks after giving birth and revealing her baby’s surprising name, Kailyn Lowry is getting grief.

Here is how she responded to one troll who accused her of being paid by MTV to have more kids.

Kailyn Lowry is a public figure. As such, she engaged with her followers — even the rude ones.

The Teen Mom 2 star answered questions on Instagram, including this accusation.

“You’re only having so many kids because MTV pays [you],” the troll blasted.

Even though she could have completely ignored the question, Kail elected to publicly answer it.

“So here’s the thing about me …” her reply begins.

Kailyn affirms that “I will do whatever it takes to provide for my kids.”

“Yes, MTV pays me for TM2,” Kailyn acknowledges.

“But MTV did not get my bachelor’s degree for me,” she notes.

In a similar vein, Kail notes that MTV did not “write [four] books for me, start [Pothead Hair Care] for me.”

“MTV does not record [the “Coffee Convos” podcast] for me every week,” Kailyn adds.

When it comes to her career, she explains, she saw her openings and used them to diversify and succeed.

“I took an opportunity presented to me,” she explains.

“And,” Kailyn writes, “I launched myself in several different directions.”

She has a particular goal in mind: financial security in the long-term.

She concludes: “And when the show ends, I WILL STILL be able to provide.”

Kailyn Lowry IG clapback accused of being paid to have kids

To summarize in the simplest possible terms:

If the troll is saying that Kailyn only has four kids because her reality TV salary is enough to support all four, they’re only half-right.

If the troll is claiming that MTV offers her some sort of secret bonus for popping out an extra kid … that’s not how this works at all.

People like to give Kailyn a hard time, particularly over her kids.

Some give her grief for having four kids by three different baby daddies.

Others give her a hard time because her one repeat baby daddy is Chris Lopez. 

Is Chris terrible? Yes. But it seems like Kail’s haters will resent her no matter what she does.

She has been open about her desire for a “big family” in the past, even admitting that she would enjoy having SIX children.

Kail would also like it if some of the members of her massive intended brood were girls. She is already the mother of four boys, you see.

Fans can be downright weird and intrusive, as one recently asked Kailyn if she’d had her sons circumcised.

Yes, that’s a fair topic to address, involving questions of fundamental human rights, genital mutilation, and the role that social pressures play in parenting.

But … Kail’s kids are real human people. To be blunt, their future classmates should not be able to google what their penises look like before going on a date with them, right?

Kailyn loves her boys, but does want to one day have at least one daughter.

She hasn’t committed to the idea … but she is refusing to share names that she came up with for a potential daughter.

Her reasoning? That she might want to use them herself.

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