Kailyn Lowry has opened up about her difficult choices as a mom and many other aspects of her life.

Now, she’s revealing how much cash she raked in selling feet pics on OnlyFans.

Teem Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry sat down for a remote interview over Instagram Live with Domenick Nati.

We here at THG have covered many The Domenick Nati Show interviews, so it was a real treat to see him sit down with Kail.

Though they touched on many subjects, one eye-catching topic of interest was … Kailyn’s feet? Sort of.

“What are you doing with OnlyFans?” Domenick asked during an interview that was at times serious, at times jovial.

“Oh my God,” Kail responded.

She confessed that she initially signed up for the adult media subscription site as a “joke.”

However, Kailyn revealed that she “ended up making some money from it.”

She shared that people wanted their money back.

She also clarified that she is not exactly keeping her OnlyFans page up-to-date and is barely on the site at all.

However, Kailyn revealed one real moneymaker that she discovered on her OnlyFans page.

The secret to her success was … her feet.

Foot fetishists seem to like Kail’s feet. We know this to be true because I bravely checked her WikiFeet rating, as you can see here:

Kailyn Lowry WikiFeet score

Laughing, Kailyn revealed that someone “literally requested feet pics.”

She was asked how much these photos of her feet cost, and initially claimed to not remember.

Kail did say that she made something like $500 for the foot photos.

“Like, i sent one with my feet in the pool,” Kailyn revealed.

“This is a fetish,” she explained for anyone innocent enough to not know that, “it’s real!”

Feet are a huge industry in online spaces, and selling feet pics are often how nervous, new sex workers get their start.

Kailyn’s OnlyFans page is still up an operational, but she hasn’t touched it since August 18, according to the site’s display.

A one-month subscription costs $20 per month, or $54 for three months — a discounted price.

Though she’s not exactly pouring her heart, soul, or soles into OnlyFans right now, Kail affirmed her respect for the many sex workers who use the site.

Kail also touched on some more serious topics, as we mentioned.

She confirmed that she was not trying to or planning to become pregnant with Creed when she did.

Instead, she was planning to undergo a breast reduction — which obviously took a backseat. She has not seen Dr. Miami since 2016.

Kailyn still intends to get her body looking the way that she wants it to.

She also confirms that she is not “keeping” Creed from Chris, her most recent baby daddy.

“If you wanted to see him, you would ask,” Kail expresses. “If you wanted to be there, you would.”

Domenick also brought up that he often does interviews with stars from the hit TLC franchise, 90 Day Fiance.

Kailyn confesses that she is “obsessed” with the show and longs to know how to appear on it.

She’s not even sure what dating apps these people are using.

Kail … if you’re out there … I am personally begging you to somehow get involved with 90 Day Fiance.

Even if it’s just Pillowtalk or a guest role at the Tell All.

90 Day Fiance lives rent-free in my mind at all times. This is everything that I want.

Kudos to Kailyn for being honest about her lack of enthusiasm for OnlyFans instead of, say, trying to deliberately and maliciously scam followers as some famous people have.

OnlyFans is a lifesaving resource, especially with so many people unable to work safely during this pandemic.

We are glad that Kail does not need it to feed her children. Many of the sex workers who use the site absolutely do.

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