Folks, we regret to inform you that Ryan Edwards is at it again.

You may recall that Ryan was sentenced to one year in prison back in April but was furloughed in order to attend rehab just a few weeks later.

It was the sort of second chance that doesn’t come around very often — and of course, Ryan promptly effed it up.

During his time in treatment, Ryan started dating a fellow recovering addict named Amanda Conners.

Ryan Edwards makes an appearance here on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (MTV)

Folks in recovery are generally discouraged from embarking on new romantic relationships, particularly with other addicts.

And Ryan and Amanda seem determined to provide an example of why it’s such a bad idea.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Ryan and Amanda were thrown out of a bar earlier this week.

Needless to say, that’s not a great look for two people who are fresh out of rehab.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“Ryan and Amanda were with a group of people. At one point, one of the guys in their group went up to Amanda and grabbed her by the face,” one witness told The Sun.

“Amanda came back at him and started slinging chairs to go after the guy. The bouncers grabbed the guy and kicked him out. Amanda was able to get her last hit in before they got her out too,” the source continued.

“Ryan tried to get to Amanda, but he was dragged out by bouncers as well. Ryan and Amanda left the bar together on foot.”

Ryan Edwards Harbors a Lot of Resentment
Ryan consumed many beverages on camera during his years as an MTV star. (Photo Credit: MTV)

The onlooker was unable to confirm or deny that Ryan had been drinking, but they did state that the former Teen Mom star was “slurring his words” and appeared “out of it.”

Ryan was not arrested that night, but it’s possible that this incident will affect his furlough.

And that’s not the only instance of Ryan and Amanda behaving erratically this week.

The couple also posed the photo below, which many commenters found to be in poor taste … for obvious reasons.

Amanda Conners lays on top of Ryan Edwards in a lewd photo posted to the latter's Instagram page.
Amanda Conners lays on top of Ryan Edwards in a lewd photo posted to the latter’s Instagram page. (Instagram)

“He too damn old for this nonsense,” one person wrote.

“These don’t even look enticing or spicy it looks like he’s inspecting something unknown and it don’t look good,” another added.

“Who willingly says yes to taking these pics!?!” a third asked.

“That’s disgusting he should be concerned more about him staying sober and being a dad not doing unnecessary things with nasty girls,” a fourth chimed in.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?
Ryan Edwards has battled an addiction to drugs for years. We hope he’s now all clean and sober. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“He goes from one extreme to the next ew,” a fifth commenter observed.

All of this comes on the heels of other controversies, including the one related to Ryan’s crude hand tattoo, which left many fans aghast.

And let’s not forget the fact that Edwards was pulled over doing 145 on his motorcycle earlier this month.

Obviously, these are not very encouraging reports, but we’re still rooting for Ryan, if only for the sake of his long-suffering children, who deserve a stable father figure in their lives.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

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