For nearly the entirety of 2020, fans have speculated that Meri Brown and Kody Brown are no longer a romantic item.

What else can these people think when Meri keep sharing quotes, memes and messages about herr unhappiness?

Now, however, amid talk that Kody has split from one of his spiritual Sister Wives, we’ve suddenly been given a reason to think that he’s actually split from two.

Shocking, right?

According to The Sun, Christine Brown recently took out a $394,000 loan for the Arizona home she had been sharing with the Sister Wives patriarch.

On August 28, Kody then transferred this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home to Christine, to whom he is not legally married.

And then, in the Deed of Trust dated October 31, Christine borrowed $394,000 from a mortgage company and has “promised to pay this debt in regular periodic payments and to pay the debt in full not later than November 1, 2050.”

As The Sun also reported in the past, “married” Kody is listed as the grantor on the couple’s Warranty Deed, while “single” Christine is the grantee, meaning she purchased the home from him in the amount of “10 dollars.”

This is a lot of legal and/or real estate jargon, of course.

It’s not entirely clear what any of it means.

But we can say the following for certain;

The official address listed for Kody is the $890,000 home he shares with fourth and presumably favorite wife Robyn, who he legally married in 2014.

There’s been tension between Kody and his other three spouses ever since — for understandable reasons, right?

Kody and Christine — for whatever it’s worth or whatever it means in the broader relationship picture — initially took out a $390,000 loan on this same $520,000 house back in September 2018… which was to be paid in full by October 1, 2048.

The breaking news that Christine has been making mortgage payments on her own comes amid her recent financial independence.

Christine has been holding multiple LuLaRoe clothing sales a week over the past several weeks.

She’s also promotes LIV health products, mascara and Younique beauty box on Instagram; and she’s joined Cameo, where she’ll personalize a message for you at $35 a pop.

As for why Christine may finally be sick of Kody?

Why she may have finally decided to go her own way?

Her and Kody’s teenage daughter underwent prretty serious back surgery earlier this fall.

As we recounted and as we lamented, Kody did not travel to New Jersey for the procedure.

He never mentioned it publicly and we’re yet to see a photo of him with a recovering Ysabel or anything.

The last time Christine posted a photo with her spiritual husband, meanwhile, was for their youngest child Truley’s 10th birthday in April 2020.

That’s a very long time ago.

He’s been noticeably absent from milestones with Christine and their daughters Gwendlyn and Ysabel, as well.

Heck, the father of 18 wasn’t photographed for his daughters’ first day of school in August or for family outings in the subsequent few months.

Does this new home loan mean Christine has left Kody for good or for sure?

Of course not… much to the chagrin of some fans.

“Christine please leave Kody! You deserve so much better,” wrote one social media user this autumn, while another added:

“She can do so much better, than the likes of Kody. I wish she understood that.”

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