Christine Brown has found her happily ever after.

And then some it sounds like!

The veteran Sister Wives star left spiritual spouse Kody Brown in November 2021… met a man named David Woolley on a dating website a few months later… and then married Woolley in October.

On this Sunday’s Sister Wives One-On-One special, Brown will sit down with host Sukanya Krishnan and talk openly about her brand new (and totally awesome!) husband.

Christine Brown on Sister Wives special
Christine Brown delves into her marriage in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

“I met the love of my life, I did. Soulmate,” Christine says in a clip posted online this week by Entertainment Tonight.

The mother of six emphasizes, however, that she wasn’t necessarily seeking such a person when she got back in the market for a man.

“I wanted a partner. I wanted someone to have a good time with, but I really was only casually dating,” she says. “I wasn’t looking for ‘the one.’”

Alas. Romantic lightening then struck.

Christine Brown in NYC
Christine Brown smiles broadly in a selfie with husband David Woolley as they enjoy a weekend getaway to New York. (DAVID WOOLLEY/INSTAGRAM)

Recalling what she first felt when she her future husband in the face early on, Christine continued as follows:

“I’m like, ‘I want to be looked at with those eyes with the look of love in them for the rest of my life.’”

How sweet, right?!?

Christine previously gushed over the way Woolley accepts her for who she is, taking a not-so-subtle shot at the time at Kody.

Christine Brown picture, and also Kody Brown picture
Christine Brown has said she’s SO glad she divorced Kody. We’re proud of her for doing so. (TLC)

In this case, once again, Christine honed in on the difference between this relationship and her past relationship with Kody, stating that the Woolley romance comes without strings of any kind attached.

“First thing I realized was that David loves me. He loves me, and I feel so loved,” she tells Krishnan on this episode.

“With that comes a confidence that I can just be me. There’s no strings attached to it. Nothing. I don’t have to do anything to earn his love.

“It’s just always there.”

Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

TLC viewers, meanwhile, will have multiple chances to get to know Woolley a little bit better.

He and Christine are about to be featured in a two-part wedding special, and David will also appear on the upcoming season of Sister Wives.

“It really is a dream come true,” Christine now says of her husband.

“It’s amazing. It’s like we just kind of moved in side-by-side with each other and just continued moving on in our life, but we’re doing everything that the other person wanted to do but never did.

“So we travel so much and try so many new things and we have so many more kids now.”

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