Sister Wives fans across the Internet have found a new cause to support.

Although, to be frank, it’s pretty similar to an old cause.

Back in February, as you may recall, viewers of this TLC reality show begged Meri Brown to leave her spiritual husband, Kody.

They got the very strong feeling at the time that Meri was sick and tired of her marriage… mostly because Meri kept sharing messages and memes that made it clear she was sick and tired of her marriage.

Meri has continued to post similar things, as recently as this week.

But Christine?

There’s brand new buzz that her romance with Kody may also be over — and it’s related to some recent real estate transactions.

It was revealed just yesterday by The Sun that Kody has transferred ownership of the couple’s Arizona home over to Christine.

There are many confusing mortgage and loan details related to this transaction, but the above statement is all that matters:

Kody sold his home to Christine!

“Married” Kody is listed as the grantor on their Warranty Deed, while “single” Christine is the grantee, according to The Sun.

This means the Sister Wives star she purchased the home from Kody in the amount of “10 dollars.”

What does this say about the state of their relationship? Nothing positive, that’s for certain.

At this point, the financial problems for the Browns have been well-documented, with Kody having spent $1.8 million on homes in Arizona and not even having any plans at the moment to build on his property in Coyote Pass.

Is Christine trying to bail Kody out here by buying his house?

Perhaps, in some way. 

But that wouldn’t change the fact that Christine and Kody would therefore be operating as separate entities.

This is not the move a happily married couple makes, you know?

Fans, meanwhile, who recently witnessed how Kody snubbed he and Christine’s daughter amid a medical crisis this fall, have a simple message for the mother of six:


“I hope she did leave him!” one Reddit user wrote, for example.

“She has been thriving in her own home. Every photo she looks better and happier than she ever did in Las Vegas or in Utah.”

A second added:

“I think Christine, Janelle, and Meri can kind definitely find someone else that they would be 100% happier with.”

That’s for sure.

By his own admission, Kody acted like a selfish A-hole on the latest season of Sister Wives.

As for some social media users?

They’re angling for a spinoff.

“I would actually watch a show where all three try to find love and navigate their lives after the ‘Kody experience,'” suggested one individual.

Now this is an idea we can get behind!

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