Gwendlyn Brown has opened up to fans like never before.

In an exchange with social media users just this past Monday, the daughters of Christine Brown and Kody Brown admitted that she used to struggle with her weight.

And also with an eating disorder.

The 19-year old engaged in a chat with a follower who admitted to disliking excerise and suggested it could possibly stem from often being told that when she was a child that she should lose weight.

Gwendlyn, to her immense credit, then jumped in to say that she dealt with similar issues when she was younger.

“I was a fat kid and actually developed anorexia at a v young age bc of this,” Brown said, for the first time in a public setting, we think.

“Now I have a bad relationship w food but I’m skinny,” added Gwendlyn.

After realizing that some Sister Wives fans on Reddit were calling her “dysmorphic” for thinking she was “overweight” while on the TLC reality program, the teenager delved into a bit more detail about her past.

Gwendlyn — who came out this summer as a raging bisexual — said that fans never saw her when she was very young, from toddler age until second grade or so.

She was rightfully aghast that anyone would give her grief for making this personal confession.

a Gwendlyn Brown tweet

“I’m not lying btw it took me a while to lose my baby fat and I got bullied for it in preschool and through to second grade,” explained Gwendlyn.

“Fortunately I was thinner when the show started so no fans bullied me… baby gwendlyn wouldn’t be able to take it.”

After years of battling anorexia, Brown revealed she turned to humor as a way to cope with being bullied and with how she felt so very down on herself.

The occasional Sister Wives star told followers that it’s “really unfair” for some of them to “vilify my truth.”

How dare anyone out there tell Gwendlyn how to cope with her pain, you know?

This isn’t the first time Brown has revealed something personal… only to perhaps regret doing so immediately.

Shortly after coming out a few months ago with her sexuality, Gwendlyn said some members of her own family questioned whether she actually meant it.

“That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible,” Gwendlyn Tweeted in late September, adding the following hashtag:


Welp. That sure sucks for the 19-year old.

Thankfully, there are some family members on her side at least.

When Gwendlyn’s older sister, Mykelti, was asked about Gwendlyn during a Facebook Live LuLaRoe clothing sale session and whether she is “super proud of Gwen for coming out as bisexual,” Mykelti responded:

“Of course I am!”

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