Kailyn Lowry has a whole lot on her plate these days.

In fact, Kail might be the only one who currently has any clear idea of what’s going on in her life.

After nearly a year of rumors and speculation Lowry recently confirmed that she welcomed a fifth child in December of 2022.

Shortly thereafter, Kail announced that she’s pregnant with twins.

Kailyn Lowry on a red carpet
Kailyn Lowry attends the 27th Annual Webby Awards on May 15, 2023 in New York City. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Webby Awards)

And that’s where things get a little murky.

Many are convinced that Lowry has already given birth to her twins, but the former reality star has yet to make any sort of announcement.

However, it’s not easy for Kail to keep secrets these days, especially since one of her biggest haters loves to share news about her personal life, seemingly with zero concern for her privacy!

Kailyn Lowry back in the day
Kailyn Lowry looks very unhappy in this photo from Teen Mom 2. (MTV)

Chris Lopez is the father of two of Kail’s sons, and the man has remained a constant thorn in her side.

Earlier this month, Lopez brutally slut-shamed Lowry in one of his signature social media tirades.

Now, he’s at it again.

As first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Chris absolutely went off on Kail yet again this week.

Chris Lopez versus Kailyn Lowry
Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry have QUITE the history between them. (Instagram)

“My first baby mama, Kail Lowry, ain’t nobody more miserable than that chick! How you got mother f–king seven kids?!” he ranted in a recent Instagram Story.

“You just got three f–king kids under the age of one! And yet you want to keep holding my motherf–king kids, and yet you want to keep passing them off to nannies and s–t like that.”

Yes, Chris is one again complaining that Kail won’t allow him to see his sons.

And for some reason, he thinks the best way to handle this is to publicly shame her for having multiple baby daddies.

Kailyn Lowry and kids
Kailyn Lowry poses here with three of her five sons. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“You miserable as hell, bro, and you just wanna make everybody else f–king miserable,” Chris raged on.

“‘Cause I be on your ass, the f–k is you talkin’ about? You lame as s–t. [Your] kids are on Thanksgiving break and you don’t even let them kids be with their dad? But it’s technically Dad’s week?

“You need to grow the f–k up, seriously, and stay the f–k off your back!”

From there, Lopez addressed claims that he’s only criticizing Kail because he’s jealous of her success.

Kail cries during one of her final MTV appearances. (MTV)

“I’m bitter and jealous, why? Because I want to spend time with my kids?” he asked.

“You know there’s n–gas out here that is not spending time with their kids? You got this girl telling you I’m this, I’m that, yet she’s out here legit lying and manipulating this whole story?”

These latest comments echo remarks that Chris made in his previous Instagram tirade.

In his last rant, Lopez complained that his son Lux views him as “replaceable” because Kail has so many other men in her life.

The Hollywood Gossip
Some fans think Kailyn Lowry has been hiding a baby bump. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I feel like he feels like I’m replaceable [because] of all the men in and out of his life and that’s a fact,” Chris stated.

“People have noticed that, I’ve noticed that and you say that s–t.”

Well, if Chris’ son feels like his dad is replaceable, that’s probably not because of anything that Kail is doing.

Lopez might have just inadvertently identified the real problem, but he’s probably not self-aware enough to realize it!

Chris Lopez BLASTS Kailyn Lowry: Stop Having So Many Kids! Let Me See My Sons! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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