Last week, Ryan Edwards was arrested during a court appearance and hauled off to jail by a bailiff.

Now, it looks as though the troubled Teen Mom star will be spending the holidays behind bars.

According to a new report from In Touch, Ryan will be locked up at least until his next hearing, which is scheduled for January 17.

The news caps off a very rocky year for Edwards, who is no stranger to life on the wrong side of the law.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Back in April, Ryan was arrested on a slew of charges that included stalking and harassing his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

At one point, Edwards trashed Standifer’s home so badly that she was forced to move.

When police finally caught up with him, Ryan was found passed out in his car with drugs and paraphernalia on him.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom
Ryan Edwards makes an appearance here on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (MTV)

Cops were able to revive him using Narcan, but it looked as though Ryan’s troubles had just begun.

Edwards was already on probation when all of this happened, so it was widely assumed that he would be headed to prison for a very long time.

But a judge took pity on the 35-year-old and agreed to a furlough that would enable him to attend rehab and move into a sober living house instead of going to jail.

Needless to say, that didn’t work out well.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo
Ryan Edwards is bugging out about something in this photo. It’s from an episode of Teen Mom. (Photo Credit: MTV)

In his first weeks as a semi-free man, Ryan got involved in a bar brawl and was pulled over while driving 135 MPH on his motorcycle.

It’s unclear if Edwards is back on drugs — the court is still awaiting the results of a screening — but whatever the case, Ryan’s late nights and reckless behavior were not in compliance with the rules of his sober living house.

“My patience is gone,” Judge Gary Starnes said in court last week. “You had chance after chance after chance.”

Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame. Dude has some serious problems but we continue to wish him the best. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Ryan will have at least six weeks to reflect on his actions, and he could wind up behind bars for much longer.

In the meantime, Edwards’ new girlfriend, Amanda Conners, has been asking fans to pray for her troubled partner.

Ryan and Amanda met in rehab, but it seems that she’s done a better job of keeping herself out of trouble.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)
Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame. (Photo Credit: MTV)

On her Instagram Story this week, Amanda shared a clock that ticks down the minutes until Ryan’s release.

It was accompanied by a video in which comedian and Family Feud host Steve Harvey encouraged viewers to pray.

“Don’t forget to pray,” Harvey said in the clip, adding that viewers shouldn’t be “ashamed to pray or too proud to pray.”

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom Photo
Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom, early 2018. Dude has been the subject of so many rumors and scandals. (MTV)

We don’t know if those prayers will get him out of jail any sooner, but Ryan could certainly use all the help he can get these days.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

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