Meri Brown stuck is out for as long as she could.

For much longer than most fans wanted her to, really.

As has been well documented for many months now, the veteran Sister Wives star gave Kody Brown and her plural marriage every opportunity possible… until it all became too much.

Until Kody made it clear he was NOT in love with her any longer.

Meri Brown looks intense
Meri Brown looks intense in this photo from her show’s one-on-one special. (TLC)

This past January, Meri and Kody announced the termination of their marriage.

This Sunday, meanwhile, on part three of the latest Sister Wives one-on-one special, Meri will open about where she stands with her ex-husband and also her ex-female spouses.

“I feel like my relationship with Robyn, like that’s something that she and I are working on and trying to figure out and navigate because it is different,” Meri tells host Sukanya Krishnan in footage released by

Meri went on to say she isn’t “100% emotionally there” in terms of getting along with Kody’s only remaining wife.

Meri Brown speaks her truth
Meri Brown is looking here into the camera and admitting her relationship is over. (TLC)

In this same clip, from the episode set to air on December 10, Meri emphasizes that she’s a single woman.

As a result, her relationship with Robyn, Janelle and Christine has changed tremendously… considering they are no longer spiritually married to the same man.

Meri says she can rely on her close friend Jenn, with whom she spends a lot of time in Utah these days.

“I know she doesn’t go out talking trash about me,” Meri says on the special, taking a clear shot at her former sister wives.

Meri Brown in thought
Meri Brown appears to be ruminating on life in this photo from an episode of Sister Wives. (TLC)

And they are her FORMER sister wives, Meri now wants to make clear.

“They don’t have my back,” Meri tells Krishnan of Janelle, Christine and Robyn. “Oh, by the way, I don’t have sister wives, just FYI.”

Just a few weeks ago, TLC viewers witnessed how Meri was snubbed from a major family gathering.

There’s evident tension here.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown split screen
Kody Brown and Meri Brown are no longer a couple. The latter should be thankful for this. (TLC)

As for how and why Meri arrived at the point where she was ready to leave Kody?

“Looking back on it, he let go of me a long time ago emotionally,” Meri says on this same installment, prior to addressing Kody and asking a simple/painful question:

“I’m like, ‘Why did you not respect me enough as a human being?’”

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